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Photo guide

Step-by-step instructions for taking good pictures.

  • Step 1: Make your items
    look like new by washing
    them and ironing them.

  • Step 2: Photograph your item
    in natural light without
    a flash or backlighting.

  • Step 3: Take a shot of the item
    lying flat or on a hanger, without
    perspective. Do not cut off
    part of the item or hold it.

  • Step 4: Take your photo against
    a clear and neutral background.

  • Step 5: Take crisp photos that
    are not blurred. Set your
    camera to 'high resolution'.

  • Step 6: Provide different photos
    of your item: from the front,
    the side and the back.
    Wear your clothes, shoes and accessories.

  • Step 7: Prove the authenticity
    of your products
    with photos of your
    certificates and receipts.

  • Step 8: Take original photos.
    We do not accept photos
    produced by the brand itself or that have been taken from the internet.

  • Step 9: Show the high-quality finishings
    of your items with close-up shots of details.

  • Step 10: Remove all superfluous
    elements that make your
    photo worse such as
    writing, drawings and filters.