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How it works

For sellers For buyers

Listing an item for sale

The seller lists an item for sale.
He or she describes it, takes a photo and sets a price.


Making an order

The buyer finds an item that he or she likes, adds it to the basket,
orders it and pays for it. Various payment methods are accepted:
credit card, debit card, Paypal, Videdressing wallet, etc.


Confirming availability of an item

The seller has 72 hours to confirm the availability of the item
ordered by the buyer. After this time, the order
is canceled and the buyer is not debited.


Debiting a payment

The buyer is only debited the amount of the order
and delivery charges when the seller confirms the
availability of the item.


Delivery of the item

The seller has 72 hours to send the item to the buyer using
the delivery method chosen: regular post service or
personal delivery.


Confirming receipt

The buyer receives his or her order and confirms receipt
as well as satisfaction with the item within 48 hours.


Finalization and payment

The sale is finalized! The seller is paid and receives the money
in his or her Videdressing wallet. The seller can transfer it
to a bank account or use it to shop on Videdressing.