Ranking criteria

Referencing ads on the site

Videdressing, through the Web site https://www.videdressing.us, published by LBC France, is a platform for connecting sellers and buyers of second-hand fashion items.

This section includes all of the conditions that allow an ad to appear on the site as well as the criteria for categorizing ads when you search the catalogue.

Ad publishing conditions

To place your ads on Videdressing, you must first create an account on the site and accept our our General Terms and Conditions..

Only second-hand fashion and cosmetics are accepted on our Web site.

Videdressing, through the Web site https://www.videdressing.us, published by LBC France, is a signatory of the Charter against counterfeiting on the Internet. Your ads are therefore likely to be verified before they go online.

In case of non-compliance with our General Terms and Conditions, your ad may be blocked and deleted before it is put online and/or deleted after automatic posting. In that case, a message explaining the reason(s) for the removal of the advertisement is sent to you. The message can include the following reasons:

  • Counterfeit article
  • Violation of a selective or exclusive distribution network
  • Article prohibited under our General Conditions, contrary to morality, or unauthorized
  • Incomplete or erroneous ad
  • Defective item (state)

Criteria for categorization of ads

1/ "Our selection" default referencing

When a search is performed on the site, ads are classified by default with the heading "our selection". This classification of ads is done automatically, according to various criteria, including the date of posting of the advertisement, the type of brand (general public, trend, high-end, or luxury), and the stated state of the article.

There is no commercial link between Videdressing, through the Web site https://www.videdressing.us published by LBC France, and sellers who can influence the default search results.

The user always has the possibility of modifying the results display criteria.

2/ Custom referencing

On each page of results, the user has the possibility to choose other sorting criteria to obtain different results. In order to modify the criteria, the user must open the "Sort By" menu at the top right of the results page.

The users have the following sorting choices :

  • "Newest": Sorting of articles according to their date of publication on the catalogue
  • "Price: low-hi": Sorting items from the least to the most expensive
  • "Price: hi-low": Sorting items from the most to the least expensive