Designed by Evelyne Chetrite, Sandro is a stylish, chic and minimalistic, French brand for men and women.

The story

Evelyne Chetrite imagines and designs a chic style, inspired by the daily life of Parisians.

Sandro aujourd'hui

This time, the slogan is avant-garde and minimalistic.

The key pieces:

Waterproof parka, 'Albatorock' and 'Amandine' sneaker, V-neck blouse

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30 years have gone by since these two sisters created the Sandro fashion line. Today, Sandro clothes are popular with women the world over! With their shirts, dresses, and pants, Sandro clothes for women achieve a subtle blend of glamor, chic, and laidback style. These designs are great for all occasions, and day to day wear, even second-hand! With their stunning colors and bold prints, Sandro has created a line worthy of the women of today, who prize chic style with touches of originality to make them stand out. At times leaning towards the retro, even bohemian, style, Sandro clothes are all exquisitely finished, always stunning with the quality of their fabrics and design.