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Pants GUCCI Gray, charcoal

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Éva  1861
  1. Éva 1861
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  • Description

    1. Product Ref. : 13001222
    2. Color : Gray, charcoal
    3. Season : Autre
    2. Material : Cotton

    A message from Éva 1861:

    FOR SALE slim fit tracksuit bottoms from the famous great Italian brand ???????? GUCCI in 100% COTTON material, mainly gray in color with white/red and blue stripes on the long sides of the waist down to the bottom of the ankles of the pants and in the middle the print of the colored GUCCI brand inscription red as well as the parts around the bottom of the pants in red and blue striped colors in soft padded material. The pants are actually brand new, with no flaws whatsoever on them since they have never been worn and they even still have the purchase tag on them! Contains 2 open pockets on the sides of the top of the pants. It is a size 10 YEARS for children which is obviously totally unisex for boys ???? and girls ???? that can go to teenagers as well as women ???? small sizes also without any problem. Bought 230 € at the house GUCCI even so it is 100% AUTHENTIC the label also proves it !!!

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Pants GUCCI Gray, charcoal Pants GUCCI Gray, charcoal Pants GUCCI Gray, charcoal Pants GUCCI Gray, charcoal Pants GUCCI Gray, charcoal