The prestigious fashion house of Hermès is emblematic of French know-how. Thanks to its iconic pieces, the label has successfully managed to extend its equestrian inspired image to the worlds of ready-to-wear clothing and leather goods.

The story

Maison Hermès' unique story began in the 19th century when Thierry Hermès set up as a harness maker in Paris. In 1878, his grandsons Adolphe and Émile Maurice extended the scope of the label's craftsmanship, using for their leather goods and luggage the zipper that Émile had discovered in America. The label went from success to success: Hermès' famous silk scarf was created in 1937, the first Hermès fragrance in 1951 and the Kelly bag in 1956.

In 1978, Émile Maurice's grandson decided to expand the range to other sectors such as ready-to-wear and silverware.

Hermès today

Today Hermès' range is full of luxurious treasures and the label continues its rise thanks to a strong family heritage. People are still crazy about the Kelly bag, the epitome of Hollywood glamour named after Grace Kelly who famously used the bag to hide her pregnant stomach from paparazzi. Let's not forget either the Birkin bag designed for the singer Jane Birkin.

Jean-Paul Gaultier was succeeded by Christophe Lemaire as the label creative director, before he handed over the reins to a young French designer, Nadège Vanhee-Cybulski, in October 2014.

The key pieces:

The 36'' x 36'' Hermès silk scarf, the 'Kelly' and' Birkin' bags, 'L’Eau d’Hermès' fragrance, the 'Kelly' bracelet and the 'Cape Cod' watch.

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