Chanel has been revolutionizing fashion since 1910, making its mark with its iconic pieces and eternal styles. It truly is a treasure of luxury and elegance.

The story

Gabrielle Chanel was born in Saumur in 1883. She opened her own milliner's with the help of her lover Arthur 'Boy' Capel and the support of Etienne Balsan. This venture met with unexpected success and Gabrielle Chanel took her love of dressmaking a step further, opening more shops and embarking upon a career making clothes as well. She transformed women's clothing by doing away with corsets to make way for dresses and suits. She also created the eternal Chanel No 5 fragrance, as well as a line of jewelry. Breaking away from the period's trends, she used jersey fabric for her creations.

Chanel today

Karl Lagerfeld has been Chanel's creative director since 1983. He has perpetuated Coco Chanel's legacy by referring to the house's style codes in each new collection he designs. He reissued the famous quilted '2.55' bag (the number refers to the date the original model was created: February 1955) in an up-to-date version, brought back the tweed suit, that gets a new take every season and created the 'Boy' bag named after Coco Chanel's companion. Coco's favorite camellias pop up on fabrics and Chanel watches. Lagerfeld has also created a line of cosmetics and beauty products.

The key pieces:

The quilted 2.55 bag, the tweed suit, the little black dress and the 'Boy' bag.

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Founded in 1910 by Coco Chanel, this haute couture designer of luxury fashion has since been synonymous with impeccable taste and the type of exceptional elegance that the French really excell in. While maintaining their legendary chic style, the Parisian label have nevertheless brought modern, innovative style into their timeless collections of women's clothing. Chanel clothes, just like the famous litte black dress of 1926, have always had an ethereal quality that stirs up the fashion lover inside us all. Find second-hand Chanel clothes such as jackets or their famous suits, all vintage pieces and accessories available for you to browse. New or used, all Chanel items are verified for quality ensuring you the very best.